August 28, 2018


Perry and Pia Bibeau started Midnight Cleaning Services, Inc. in 1985. Pia was an office manager for an R&D company who needed a reliable cleaning service. Perry was working for a ventilating company located in Vermont and worked in Maine. The company was transferring him out of state. He would come home on the weekends. Both of us being born and raised in South Portland, Maine and our families were all in Maine. Perry decided to start a cleaning company and the first job was at the R&D company Pia managed. Then, through word of mouth, friends and family, we went on to grow a small office cleaning service.

We have had many jobs over the years. We have one customer that we have had for over 27 years!

When our accountant told us we needed a name for a business, Pia came up with Midnight Cleaning Services, Inc. Our black lab was named Midnight. He was our “first” Midnight born in 1986. (Picture attached) We had a Midnight “2” born in 2000. (picture attached) And now we have Midnight “3”. Picture attached.

We focus on small office cleaning and professional bathroom cleaning.
Perry and/or Pia is on every job. We are fully insured and can provide evidence of insurance.